At great price and sacrifice, the Union army was able to hold the HIGH GROUND at Gettysburg resulting in a victory many considered the turning point of the Civil War.  In life, there is a moral high ground. There are lines that should not be crossed.  There is ground worth protecting and defending.  I believe that that the moral high ground is under attack and at risk in our world today.  The battle to secure and hold the HIGH GROUND is not as visible as the events at Gettysburg in 1863 but just as serious.


Elders and their families are facing significant care giving challenges as efforts are being made by many individuals and companies with a variety of agendas to keep pace with an American population that is living longer and healthier than at any time in U.S. History.  The impact of individualism, the tendency of those who claim to have faith in Christ to mirror rather than to change the culture, and an ever-increasing reliance upon government can easily dilute and diminish the mission of a faith-based ministry; thus placing the HIGH GROUND at risk.


Elders are easily devalued and marginalized.  Dollar-driven systems and mindsets, well-intentioned quality initiatives, the rise of the senior adult orphan, the increase in physician assisted suicide; all point to the impact of the erosion and loss of the HIGH GROUND.

-  Ric Olson


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